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American Shakespeare Center Workshops

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The American Shakespeare Center will offer free workshops from 4-5pm before the show (7:30pm) with the option of “Embedded Stage Direction” or “Sweet Music is Such Art”.

1. Embedded Stage Directions (perfect for theatre and literature students): Little to no rehearsal time in Shakespeare's theatre meant he had to give actors as much information as possible in the text. This workshop invigorates words and gives them life through clues for stage movement, emotional choices, and given circumstances. See how simple choices can change the scene and create a different story. The combination of textual analysis and performance is excellent for Literature and Theatre classes. Location: Walker Theater, Clay Center

2. Music is Such Sweet Art (perfect for musicians and the general public with no music experience): The participants in this workshop will explore the songwriting and song placement involved in the production of plays at the American Shakespeare Center. This workshop explores the development and rehearsal process of written music in our musical pre-show and interludes, and underscoring that goes into staging. The workshop culminates with participants helping to "score" a scene or monologue using our talented musicians, to demonstrate how the right piece of music can "make or break" a scene. An interdisciplinary workshop suitable for a range of audience, no previous musical experience required. Location: Main Stage, Maier Performance Hall, Clay Center

BONUS! Workshop attendees will receive discounted tickets to the American Shakespeare Center's performance of The Taming of the Shrew October 20 at 7:30pm at the Clay Center.

These classes are free! Register HERE

Location: Clay Center, 1 Clay Square

Made possible by Charles & Mary Fayne Glotfelty Foundation, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, EQT Foundation; Sponsored by: Dan & Kathy Foster, Mary McDermott, Pete & Anna Dailey, Forrest & Emily Roles; with support from The Clay Center

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