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Children’s Therapy Clinic “Cache Me if You Can”

Woman's Club of Charleston Map it!


Go on a geocaching adventure during FestivALL! Start at the Woman's Club of Charleston (1600 Virgina St. E), adventure through Charleston locations, and be the first to collect coins from all locations and arrive at Capitol Market. 

Teams will be given the geo-coordinates and a riddle to 15 locations (between Kanawha City – South Charleston). They will collect a wooden coin at each location. Once teams have found each coin they will bring them to the final destination. The first 3 teams that finish with all coins will win a cash prize. (1st place -- $200; 2nd place -- $150; 3rd place -- $100).

Registration:  www.childrenstherapyclinic.com or by phone 304-342-9515 . All proceeds from the event will be used to support therapy services to children with special needs at Children’s Therapy Clinic.

Location: Starts at the Woman's Club of Charleston, 1600 Virginia St. E

Team check in at 10am.



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