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Sunrise Carriage Trail Walk with Music, Art & Dance


1pm-4pm Sunrise Carriage Trail Walk with Music, Art & Dance

Take a shaded stroll on the charming Sunrise Carriage Trail and enjoy music, dance and art along the way. The .65 mile trail is on an incline, so the walk is mildly strenuous. Performances and entertainment include "Trolls" dances by JADCO (January Academy of Fance Company), music by Bare Bones, Hillbilly Carnival and more, and musical easels at 2:15pm.

This is a FREE event!

Sponsor: West Virginia American Water

Location: Sunrise Carriage Trail, Adjacent to Bridge Road, the Southside Bridge, and downtown between Myrtle Road and Justice Row -- 746 Myrtle Rd., Charleston, W.V.

Parking: Top of Trail at Farmer, Cline & Campbell offices at 746 Myrtle Rd. or park downtown and cross the South Side Bridge

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