Thank You, Charleston!

(Photo by Kevin Jack)

We would like to extend our thanks to you and yours for joining us this FestivALL! We celebrated our 13th year with a vibrant array of talent in the capital city. June became a work of art with the help of our community and the talents we welcomed to town. Our artists, the City of Charleston, donors, sponsors, volunteers, staff and attendees continue to make FestivALL the largest arts festival in the state of West Virginia, and we thank you for that!

During our 10 days of live music, dance, theater, art and family fun we saw over 600 artists display their craft in creative and imaginative ways at venues ALL over town. 

Our 13th Capitol Street Art Fair hosted 85 local and regional artists that were joined by street performers and musicians from all over the country, our first Cabaret FestivALL was a sold out success filled with 1930's entertainment and libations, and our largest visual spectacle of 2017 (Air Play) reminded us that the power of visual art can move us all to tears. And let's not forget the sold out Mountain Stage that highlighted the raw talent of Tyler Childers, Kishi Bashi, Marcus King Band, Tristen and Caroline Spence with guest host Joni Deutsch.

Summer 2017 by numbers (May-June): Total Venues:44, Total Artists/Bands/Groups: 611, Total Events: 82, Total Performances/Exhibits: 318, Visitors from 19 different states.

Remember, you can continue your artful adventures with us year round! Our monthly storytelling series Three Things: My First. My Favorite, My Future will feature artists and professionals of ALL kinds who will share inspiring stories that uncover worlds beyond our own, and our Fall and Winter events will return. Mark your calendars for FestivALL Fall, October 20-22 and GoodNight on New Years Eve.

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