Capitol Street Art Fair: Woodwork

The Capitol Street Art Fair will welcome 87 artists to display and sell their work in downtown Charleston each summer during FestivALL. The two day art fair is a sea of fine art and crafts, music and colorful entertainment that shines light on the impressive arts scene in West Virginia. June 24-25, 2017.

Robert Rose Guitars

In addition to his guitars, Rose builds beautiful mandolins and other string instruments.


Cartwright Creations: Greg CartwrightThis Tamarak artist has a unique collection of pens that have been sourced from some of your favorite West Virginia landmarks. He turns wood into masterpieces, making his products from the wood of a tree on the State Capital grounds or from you high school or college gym floor. "Every piece of wood has a story"



Sara's Nature Made

Sara Persinger only started making her wood pieces in 2011, but has come a long way and has impressed many with her work. One technique she uses is an intarsia woodworking technique.  Persinger cuts, shapes, and finishes various types of wood to form a picture. Different colors, shades, and directions of the wood grains give each finished artwork its own unique character. 


Knives by Mike Persinger

Each knife is handmade and hand-forged from my home in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  His knives, such as case hardened, horseshoe knives, railroad spikes, or knives made from tool steel and other carbon steel, are individually made, as are the sheaths that are fitted for each blade.  The handle material is made from local or exotic wood, bone or antler, and in some cases, the steel itself. 


Z&Z Woodcrafters: Stephen Talkington

Talkington is known for his one of a kind wooden cutting boards, but he also does wooden serving platters and trays. 99% of the wood he uses in is timbered here in WV, milled, and then used by to create breathtaking pieces. From start to finish, he uses traditional techniques. He makes his cutting boards the same way they have been made for the last 100 year.


WoodVox: Daniel Riffle

"The pieces I make are inspired by iconic works that I reinterpret to give a 21st Century, or even sometimes playfully futuristic, feel. I love the challenge of making something with both beauty and function, joining wood and imagination."


Splinter -n- Things: Jesse Proffitt, Jr.

Proffitt uses woods including Wormy Chestnut, Oak,Cherry and Wormy Maple to create wood furniture and other products. Each piece is finished in a way that brings out the natural pattern of the different types of wood he uses.

Other Artisans:


Glass Work




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