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Artist Alley

Visual Arts

Artist Alley is an initiative of the City of Charleston’s Office of Public Art. Eight artists will be selected to create original
works of art that will be installed in the alley across from Fountain Hobby Center on Washington St. W. With lights and
other additions, the alley will soon become a pedestrian-friendly space. 

See the artists as they work on site during Ice Cream and the Arts in Elk City on June 22!

Sponsors: City of Charleston Office of Public Art, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Dancing Doc Ice Cream Cafe, Tighe Bullock
Location: Alley across from 200 W Washington St.


Jun 16 9:00am
Jun 17 9:00am
Jun 18 9:00am
Jun 19 9:00am
Jun 20 9:00am
Jun 21 9:00am
Jun 22 9:00am
Jun 23 9:00am
Jun 24 9:00am
Jun 25 9:00am
Jun 26 9:00am
Jun 27 9:00am
Jun 28 9:00am
Jun 29 9:00am
Jun 30 9:00am

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