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An Interactive Celebration of West Virginia Water: Global Water Dances


Come celebrate water - this afternoon is dedicated to honoring the importance of clean water and our relationship to Charleston’s and West Virginia’s water. Play games. Watch a performance. Co-create a small performance art. Learn about resources to protect and improve water for seven generations yet to come! We want you to tell your story about what water means to you: whether it is your favorite memories of water or your experience in the 2014 water crisis.

This is an interactive celebration! Bring your kids, friends, or neighbors to play water games, dance, and make water-themed art; join performers from West Virginia and beyond to experience the ‘Global Water Dances:’ a movement where people from around the world all dance at the same exact date and time; bless the water and listen to the prayers from diverse interfaith groups who are coming together (bring your own water for the blessing and any prayers as well); learn a short audience-participation movement sequence at the end of the water dances and splash through the water; learn about water education through water conservation organizations; and dialogue about your experience needs at the post-performance talk to improve water in West Virginia and to keep water sacred around the globe! Artists include Jude Binder, Kylie Proudfoot-Payne, and more.

This event is free. Donations of time, food, and money will go towards the event needs. The event will be filmed and you may be asked to sign a waiver if you would like to be involved in the audience-participation.

ALL are welcome!


  • 2 pm InterActivities: Water Games and More!
  • 3 pm Global Water Dances
  • 4 pm Post-performance Dialogue and ‘Hopeful Water’ Planning

More information: or Will Roboski (304) 308 9191

Sponsors: Capital High School, The Charleston Ballet, DEP, Friends of Old-time Music and Dance, Global Water Dances, Ignite Entertainment Variety Show, Interfaith Organizations, Mountain Lake Preservation Alliance, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, RiverProud and Charleston Stormwater Programs, Talking Across the Lines, and WV Rivers


Jun 15 2:00pm to 4:30pm

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