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Travelin Appalachian Revue

Music, Other Events and Visual Arts

The Travelin Appalachians Revue (TAR) is a creative arts collective actively curating cultural and artistic events around the state of West Virginia and the broader Appalachian region. The Revue takes its inspiration from historical traveling bards and balladeers, snake oil hustlers, artist and maker fairs, as well contemporary showcase festivals such as South By Southwest or the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

TAR performances generally showcase five “core” artists who make up the tour, and are supported at each show in each location by any number of local performers. Additionally, TAR performances feature curated pop-up visual arts exhibitions in each location. TAR performances blend music, creative writing and visual art with traditional Appalachian music and storytelling styles like as bluegrass, old-time, yarns and lies. The Travelin Appalachians Revue is coordinated by Howard Parsons and Bryan Richards.

Social media: Instagram @travelinappalachiansrevue Twitter @travapprevue


Jun 24 4:30pm to 7:00pm

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