Fall Artist Spotlight: Anna Toler Frazier

Anna Toler Frazier is a talented jeweler who has returned year after year with new creations at our Capitol Street Art Fair and the Harvest Art Fair. This year she will return on October 21 & 22 at the Woman's Club of Charleston during FestivALL Fall.

Anna's China Jewelry is made from both broken new and vintage china plates. She decides how to cut and place the pieces to best complement the shape and pattern of the china, then marks the piece with a template of her own design and cuts the plate with a round diamond blade band saw. The edges are ground just enough to smooth, then copper foil is applied to the edges. Silver Gleem Solder (lead free) is used to encase and decorate the piece by soldering. Finally the piece is cleaned and polished. Anna also does custom work, where she uses family china that is made into a jewelry so that the family members can share a single piece of china. These pieces become family treasures just as the china was. In addition, she also does beadwork and wirework which is sometimes incorporated into the china pieces.

"From my earliest memories, I have had an interest in creativity and how things are made. My high school art teacher, Drema Duncan Watt, inspired me to explore. I began making pottery in her class, I applied for the apprentice program at the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair, in 1976. I went on to apprentice for four years at the fair. I studied with Susan Maslowski, Bob Anderson, Charles Scott, Duke Miznicowski, and V.C. and Damion Dibble. I attended workshops at Glenville State College, Augusta Heritage, and the Huntington Museum of Art. For over 20 years I sold my pottery at festivals and shops.

As my family grew and I began taking care of an aging parent, I drifted away from pottery. As time passed and my children grew up,  I found myself with time to explore my creativity again.

As a young child my Aunt Jane gave me a bead loom with several vials of seed beads. Throughout the years, I have always done beadwork. When I met Lisa Null, a lamp work bead artist and shop owner, I took lamp-work and bead-weaving classes from her. I learned bead medallion techniques from another bead artist.

The first time I saw a piece of china jewelry I was intrigued. I wanted to know how it was made and how to do the decorative soldering. I began by talking to jewelers and artists to learn different techniques. After many years of trial and error I began sharing my shard jewelry with the public community. In 2004 I went through a Tamarack mentoring program, where I took a workshop with Carol Slovikosky, a master stain glass artist. Carol Taught me a great deal by helping me fine tune my techniques in decorative soldering and I was very grateful to be a part of the mentoring program with her." - Anna Toler Frazier

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