Fall Artist Spotlight: Ellie Marshall

New to the FestivALL Art Fairs this year, Ellie Marshall dazzled art fair goers on Capitol Street this summer. She will return during the Harvest Art Fair on October 21-22 at the Woman's Club of Charleston.

Among her clay flowers and carved gourds, Marshall’s Art by Ellie captures the essence of nature’s beauty and creates masterpieces from natural materials.

Here’s how she creates these handcrafted pieces:

Clay Flowers

Using a potter's wheel, the clay is centered and shaped into a bowl, leaving the bottom thick. The bowl part becomes the flower petals and is shaped by using a carving knife.  A hole is inserted in the base of the bowl, enabling the flower to be placed on a metal rebar.  The clay is processed by being bisque fired, then glazed, and fired one last time at a higher temperature.

The rebar is included with the flower when sold.

Carved Gourds

Before use, all gourds are cleaned by removing the seeds from the cavity. Designs are penciled onto the surface. The gourds are then carved by using a variety of dental drills, shaping and carving bits. Upon completion of the carving, each gourd is stained and/or coated with a finish.   Battery operated LED lights are placed in the gourds to illuminate the designs.

Other pieces are created by burning designs into the gourds. Various burning and shading pens are used to get the desired look. After the burning and shading is completed, ink dyes and pigment powders are used to enhance the design and give them color. A clear finishing coat completes the process.

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