Fall Artist Spotlight: Jewelry

Teresa Gail Designs 

As we reach the end of August we can't wait any longer to start giving you a sneak peek of what's to come! 1st up is one of our long-time jewelry makers, Teresa Gail Designs! A self taught metal jewelry artist whose designs are inspired by nature and everything around her. She hand solders and polishes her unique sterling silver, copper, bronze and brass designs. She will join us at the Harvest Art Fair, Oct. 20-21 during FestivALL Fall.

Chrizart by Christine Keller

A jewelry maker from Buckhannon, West Virginia who is known across Appalachia and even has popularity in China. Her work ranges from lightweight whimsical earrings & necklaces to edgy metal statement pieces-- All of her jewelry is handmade and is appealing to customers of ALL ages.

Damienne Dibble

Damienne Dibble is another talented jewelry maker that will display and sell her works at the 6th Annual Harvest Art Fair! Known for her wire work, Damienne also produces original graphics, and sculpture.

Connie McColley Handmade Jewelry

Connie's handmade jewelry has been a favorite of the FestivALL Art Fairs since the beginning! She is known for her timeless sterling silver, copper and brass jewelry products that come in the form of earrings, pendents, bracelets, bangles, rings an necklaces.

Anna's China Jewelry

Anna's China Jewelry bu Anna Toler Frazier is made from both broken new and vintage china plates.  Anna also does custom work, where she uses family china that is made into a jewelry so that the family members can share a single piece of china. These pieces become family treasures just as the china was.

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