FestivALL Art Fair Information

2019 Capitol Street Art Fair and Harvest Art Fair Information--

Link to Capitol Street Art Fair application (June 29-30): https://goo.gl/forms/v5XHarGEyAh4xJJH3

Link to Harvest Art Fair Application (Oct. 12-13): https://goo.gl/forms/kUaWoaRzXazhkWvo1 

Early Bird Deadline: Feruary 15, 2019
Final Deadline: March 15, 2019

You must submit ALL info included in this application to be considered and juried into these fairs. The jury process will take place in late March and artists will be notified if they have been accepted into the fair early to mid April.

1)    5 jpeg images for each medium to be juried
2)    Narrative description of artistic materials and processes
3)    Image or drawing of booth design for the requested size space
4)    Completed application 

Capitol Street Art Fair: 

The Capitol Street Art Fair is part of FestivALL's 10 day celebration in June. The event will run from June 29-30, 2019 and includes up to 100 artists. Participants will have the option of double or single booths and will need to verify table sizes, chair needs, electrical needs, and location preference. This two day event also includes free street stages with lives music and performances, as well as a Children's Art Fair that will take place on the block in front of the Kanawha County Public Library. 

Fair Dates/Times:    

Saturday, June 29, 2019 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 30, 2019 – 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fees and application deadlines. There will be no refunds after May 15.

•    February 15 deadline:            Single - $95;     Double - $170
•    March 15 deadline:         Single - $120;  Double - $220

The FestivALL Capitol Street Art Fair is held under long 20’ wide tents on two blocks of Capitol Street in downtown Charleston.  The blocks are from Quarrier to Lee Streets and from Lee Street to Washington Street, East.  
FestivALL provides the tents, 6’ and/or 8’ tables, and folding chairs, plus overhead light fixtures and access to one electrical outlet per space for use by individual artisans who request one. 

The Children’s Art Fair/Library Street Fair is held on an adjacent block at the same times as the FestivALL Capitol Street Art Fair.  This fair includes make and take activities for children and youth, a Children’s Art Sale, and other activities.
One performance stage, with performers selected by FestivALL, is situated on each of the three blocks.  Street performers, including the FestivALL Princess, also perform on all three blocks at various times.    

Size of Spaces:
•    1 Space:     10’ wide by 6’ deep
•    2 Spaces:       20’ wide by 6’ deep

There is a maximum of (2) spaces.  Larger spaces and small tents may be added by FestivALL only for specific purposes.
Spaces on the sidewalk side of the Quarrier-Lee Street block have 2’ of space on the curb and 4’ of space on the street, so indicate on the application form if this will NOT work for your booth.

Booth Info:
The producer, with advice from the FestivALL Art Fairs Management Team, makes decisions about the placement of artisans.  Returning artisans may request to be located in the same space or vicinity as in previous years and every effort will be made to accommodate their requests.  Artisans may also request to be placed in adjacent spaces, where possible.  Special accommodations are made, where possible, for artisans with disabilities.

•    Booth safety:  Artisans are responsible for the safety of their booths.  The long tents provided by the fair do not provide complete protection from wind and/or storms.  You must setup your booth and provide covers and containers for your products with the chance of inclement weather in mind.  You are also required to protect your booth and products in the event of extreme weather on Saturday night.
•    Other Booth Info:
- Individual electrical outlets are limited to 75 watts of use.

-An 8’ foot aisle must be maintained between the rows of booths on either side.  Artisans cannot put products beyond the lines of the booth space.

- Booths are visible from the front and the back and we ask that products be displayed on both sides, where feasible, and that table coverings go to the ground on all four sides for a professional booth appearance.

-Except when the fair is temporarily closed by the producer and block captains, all artisans are required to maintain their booth for the full time of the specified hours.  Artisans who start to pack up or close up early will not be allowed to reapply for fairs for the next three years. 

Lighting and electricity:  The long tents on Capitol Street have overhead lights.  Electricity for individual artisans cannot be guaranteed but will be provided wherever possible, with a maximum of 75 watts per booth.  Electricity is only available for fans for those with medical needs.

Harvest Art Fair

The Harvest Art Fair is an indoor extension of FestivALL's Capitol Street Art Fair that takes place during FestivALL Fall, October 12-13, 2019. The event includes children's free Make & Take activities, raffles and more.

Since the event takes place in the Woman's Club of Charleston or a similar venue, there is limited space. We will not accept more than 32 artists and will place extra artists on a waiting list after the jury process in March.

Fair dates/times:    

Saturday, October 12, 2010 – 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 19, 2018  – 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fees and deadlines:

** Fees will be collected during September, 2019 from artisans whose work is juried in at the March jury session.
There will be no refunds after September 30, 2019    

The FestivALL Harvest Art Fair will be held at the Charleston Woman’s Club or a comparable venue

FestivALL provides 6’ and/or 8’ tables, folding chairs, and grid-type screens for hanging art, plus access to one electrical outlet per space.  Artisans may bring their own set-ups with the approval of the producer.
The artisan booths are placed in rows in one large room.  

Size of spaces:
ONE space:  8’ wide by 6’ deep - Dimensions may change depending on final venue.

With few exceptions, artisans are limited to (1) space.     

Jurying: Late March, 2019

Lighting and electricity:   Overhead lighting and natural light through large windows are provided.  Each artisan will have access to a single outlet for use with a limited amount of electricity.
Security:  The building will be locked, but artisans assume responsibility for goods left overnight on Friday, if they set up early, and on Saturday. 

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