Staff & Producers

While FestivALL co-produces and presents several events, there are many events that FestivALL directly produces. Below are some of the folks working year-round on FestivALL events and management.


  • Executive Director: Maria Belcher
  • Marketing & Productions Coordinator: Mallory Richards
  • Administration & Neighborhood Arts Coordinator: Mallory Burka

Producers and coordinators:

  • Art Fairs: Mallory Richards
  • Art Parade: Vasilia Scouras
  • Dance/Theatre : Nina Pasinetti
  • Founder, Former Director: Larry Groce
  • Music: Adam Harris
  • Neighborhood Arts Program & Children's Art Fairs Consultant: Minnie Jones
  • Promotions: Music in Motion/Christopher Morris
  • Sponsorships and charitable contributions: Maria Belcher
  • Street Music Stages: Sean Richardson
  • Taste-of-ALL Co-Chair: Jennifer Pharr
  • Ticketing and Merchandise, Three Things: Jeff Shirley
  • Visual Art & Neighborhood Arts Activities: Mallory Burka
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Rafael Barker

2019 Interns: 

  • Zach Kelley, Promotions & Social Media
  • Jessica Light, Communications, Dance, Visual Arts
  • Maxwell Ross, Performance Art (Theatre, Dance)
  • Alexis Palmer, Music production
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