Art-for-FALL Teen Juried Art Exhibition

October TBA, 2023


purpose of the exhibition is to provide a forum for teen student artists to display their work and to recognize excellence.  The exhibition will be held at The Clay Center, October TBA, and will be free and open to the public along with the Awards Ceremony at The Clay Center on October TBA. A slide show of accepted works will be displayed on the FestivALL Charleston Neighborhood Arts Initiative Facebook page


  • September TBA: Deadline to submit work & required information by application form.
  • September TBA: Jurying of work.
  • October TBA: Notifications of whether work is accepted or not.
  • By October TBA: Drop off of work for exhibition to the FestivALL office – 108 ½ Capitol St., Suite 201.
  • October TBA: Exhibit open to public. (These are the days of FestivFALL, see www.festivallcharleston.com for a schedule of events.) 
  • October TBA: Awards Ceremony at The Clay Center at TBApm.
  • October TBA: Facebook and Paper Ballot People’s Choice Voting Ends
  • October TBA: Show is taken down and pick ups will be at The Clay Center or the FestivALL office.


Jurying for Art-for-FALL is open to all students in 7th through 12th grades in Boone, Braxton, Cabell, Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Nicholas, Putnam, Raleigh and Roane counties.  Each student may submit one entry.  Students may also submit a single piece together, but this means that they can only submit either one individually made piece OR one group piece.  Work needs to have been completed after August 1, 2022. Artwork can be completed from a school project OR be made at home.

Students must be CURRENTLY enrolled in middle school or high schools in the above counties.

If you participated in Art-for-ALL Kids’ Juried Art Exhibition in summer 2022 as a 6th grader and are submitting to Art-for-FALL Teen Juried Art Exhibition as a 7th grader, we ask that you make sure you are submitting different artwork.

Entries must be original works in the following categories:

2-D, including painting, drawing, photography, collage, mixed media, printing, and graphic arts

3-D, including sculpture, pottery, woodcrafts, glass, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and constructions with recycled materials

Video, with a maximum of five minutes per video submitted

Accepted 2-D works need to be on a firm backing, e.g. cardboard or poster board, using double-sided tape or other fasteners.  Frames and mats are optional.  3-D works need to be sturdy and stable and/or secured to a base.  Photography must be translated into a clear print that does justice to the image.  Size is not a consideration – these prints may be small or large, as long as they are clear, on good paper, and mounted on firm backing.


  1. Submit work by September TBA, 2023 in the application form at the following URL: https://forms.gle/7YcWgT8VpSZHVSQNA. OR find the link at festivallcharleston.com.
  2. Use a jpeg file no larger than 10 MB (generally any automatic photo size will work) in your email upload to show the work of art.  Photographs taken should be higher quality (cropped, bright, easily visible, etc.). This picture will be posted on the FestivALL Facebook Page. This picture is also for the jury to be able to look at all the work for awards in order to place awards. 
  3. In the application form, you will be asked:
  • to email an image file of the artwork
  • the title of the piece
  • if this was a group or individual project
  • medium of art
  • type of art (2D, 3D, digital media – i.e., video)
  • the full name of the student (and any other names in group work)
  • grade of the student in which they created the artwork
  • the county the student is submitting from
  • name of school/program that the student attends or indicate if home-schooled
  • the name of the parent/guardian/teacher or artist submitting the work
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • postal address (this is the address that any artwork and/or awards would be sent to in the event that we need to mail them back to the artist.)

 (If, for some reason, the Google Form does not work for you, then please send ALL of this above information in an email to [email protected].)

Please double check spelling of names!

  • Note that by submitting the work, the student and parent(s) agree to its inclusion in the slide show and the exhibition and to its use in promotional materials.  The name and school of the student will be included unless other arrangements are made with the school/program and/or producer of the art fairs.
  • Work that is accepted for the exhibition, if applicable, may require a copy of a permission slip signed by the student(s) and the parent(s) and kept on file by the school or program, unless the parent submits the piece directly. Please check with the school for their procedures. This is for your records only.

** Note that this is a student event, so subject matter must be of a family-friendly nature. If unsure, please submit and the jury will decide. In an event that the jury finds it unable to be accepted into the show, you may submit a second piece for consideration. **


A jury consisting of the exhibition producer and one artist from each county, where feasible, will meet the first week of June to select work for the exhibition.  By October TBA, 2023, all applicants will be sent an email notifying them if their work is selected.  Directions will be given for delivering pieces of work that are accepted for exhibition to a central collection point at the FestivALL office at 108 ½ Capitol St., Suite 201 in downtown Charleston.  The final deliveries are due by October TBA, 2023.  FestivALL Charleston will arrange to bring the work to Taylor Books.

*These are tight time frames, so please submit work ahead of September TBA, whenever possible.*


1st Place 7th-9th Grade 
2nd Place 7th-9th Grade
3rd Place 7th-9th Grade
1st Place 10th-12th Grade 
2nd Place 10th-12th Grade
3rd Place 10th-12th Grade
Facebook People’s Choice Award 
Paper Ballot People’s Choice

The awards ceremony will be held at The Clay Center in Downtown Charleston, on October TBA, 2023 from TBApm-TBApm. All artists, their family and friends, and the public are invited to attend the ceremony as well as view the exhibition in the Ticketing Lobby. ALL students whose work is exhibited at The Clay Center will be recognized with a certificate.  In addition, ribbons will be given for excellence and merit at each grade level for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and the two People’s Choice Awards.  A small number of gift cards will be given along with the top awards. Artwork can be taken home after the conclusion of the ceremony, but will need CHECKED OUT at the check-in table by dropping off the label attached to the piece.

The final awards – the Facebook People’s Choice and the Paper Ballot People’s Choice – will be awarded at the ceremony after the voting deadline of Friday, October TBA. The Facebook Award is based on votes by people who “like” a piece on Facebook and the Paper Ballot Award is based on votes placed into a paper ballot box at the exhibition..


Over the years, we have been asked by those attending exhibitions like this if they can purchase the artwork. FestivALL is not responsible for the sale of any artwork. If you are interested in selling your artwork, we can pass along any contact information, but cannot facilitate any kind of transaction.


On October TBA, all artwork will be taken down and pick ups will be at The Clay Center. Any leftover work will be taken to the FestivALL Office, where it will be held until a scheduled pick up is determined. Remaining participation certificates and awards will be distributed as well.

If any artwork if not picked up by November 1, all left artwork can be used as needed for the FestivALL Neighborhood Arts Initiative.


In past years, our juried shows have seen similar work by a number of students who were following class assignments that resulted in minimal differences between the pieces.  We ask that, in these situations, the teacher select just one piece from that particular type of assignment to submit.  

We still encourage all students to submit a piece, if they are interested.  However, we ask that these pieces represent a variety of assignments and/or the original work of the student outside of a particular assignment.  

The jurors are more interested in seeing the free expressions of each student’s voice and creativity than the application of particular artistic techniques.  Many of the works that have been awarded top honors have been done in this spirit, both in the classroom and outside of the school setting.


For questions about Art-for-FALL or other FestivFALL events, contact Mallory Burka, coordinator of Art-for-FALL, at [email protected] or call 304-470-0489.