FestivALL 2021 Hybrid Experience Overview

As FestivALL nears, we understand that everyone has varying levels of comfort with being out in public. However you feel, so long as it includes being mindful of those around you and a willingness to work together, we’re ready for you.
In fact, we’ve built a hybrid experience specifically for these times—a vibrant celebration of the arts that features three types of events:
– In-person
– Virtual
– Combination (meaning that some in-person events will also be recorded to air on the FestivALL YouTube channel)
Whether you choose to join virtually or in person, we can’t wait to celebrate with you – for 15 days of art, music, dance, theater, and more as our City Becomes a Work of Art!

The safest way to experience FestivALL 2021 in-person events is to be vaccinated or to mask up! 

We encourage all guests to read the following guidelines to stay up to date on best practices in health and safety

FestivALL Guest Pledge

As a guest of FestivALL, I pledge to put health and safety first. I am committing to my community, my fellow guests, my family, and my friends to put health and safety first. By attending any event , I promise to:


I acknowledge that fully vaccinated individuals are able to resume activities without wearing a mask. I understand that precautions are still advised as I make decisions about my daily activities. 


I will follow the state and local guidelines for wearing a mask. I will wear it properly and in accordance with the policies set forth at each venue. 


Regardless of vaccination status, I will be mindful of those around me and be respectful of personal space.


I will wash or sanitize my hands often, following the protocols, to ensure proper sanitization.


If I am not feeling well or am unvaccinated and been knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19, I will stay at home.  


I will be patient and kind to volunteers, other guests, and staff.