Shop Local Artists this Holiday!

As we leap into the holidays, we encourage you to shop small and shop local!

Whether you are decking your halls with festive greenery, filling your fridge with delicious eats or looking for unique gifts, your local small businesses have you covered. This holiday we are pledging to keep it local, and hope that you will join us in shopping small in Charleston, WV. We encourage you to #supportsmallcwv all year long!

These artists handmake unique works of art that can be worn, hung on the wall, or used for practical purposes… making for the perfect gifts! Check out this huge catalog below for some gift ideas– with just a click of a button you will be supporting your local economy, the arts in West Virginia and so much more!


Carter Taylor Seaton

Huntington, West Virginia
Price Range: $15+

Carter Taylor Seaton is an author, a ceramic sculptor,  previously directed a rural craft cooperative and was a marketing professional for thirty years. 

Michael Connick

Huntington, West Virginia
Price Range: $15+


Author of “HPD” – an award-winning crime novel set in Huntington, WV. Also, author of three Cold War historical spy novels: “Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors”, “Funhouse Mirrors”, and “Afghan Mirrors”.


Anderson Hollow LLC

Mannington, West Virginia
Price Range: $3-$12

Artisan Jackie Henderson makes all natural goat milk soaps with milk straight from their farm! She and her team use the cold process method, adding in real essential oils and botanicals. They also hand-make goat milk lotion, lip balm and other products with doTERRA essential oils.

Good Horse Scents

Milton, West Virginia
Price Range: $3-$20

Artisan Connie Sue Boggess started making soap for her family at their farm in Milton in 2011. She has come up with the perfect combination of fats, herbal preparations – infusions, teas, powders and resins to make handcrafted naturally nourishing soaps, body butters, scrubs, lip balm, bath bombs and other beauty products that are free of artificial fragrances.

Swallowtail Soaps

Spencer, West Virginia
Price Range: $5-$15

Swallowtail Soaps is a family owned and operated business in a small rural town in central West Virginia. Inspired to use healthy bath products for their kids, they now hand-make and sell high quality shea butter, goats milk, and olive oil soaps.

Wild Mountain Soap Company

Fayetteville, West Virginia
Price Range: $8-$30

Wild Mountain Soap Company was born in the hills of West Virginia where life’s pace is a little slower. People take care of each other and traditions are valued. The Peelish family invites you to see first-hand the benefits of hand-crafted soap – the way it should be made – with all natural ingredients from the hands of artisans who cherish the heritage of mountain living.


F. Brown Steele

Fayetteville, West Virginia
Price Range: $20-$1500

Fay Brown Steele creates both realistic and abstract scenes that are charged with energy. Steele works in a variety of mediums including watercolors, printmaking, watercolor pencil, egg tempera and mixed media.

She sells both original works and prints.

HepCatz Designs

Charleston, WV
Price Range: $2-$40

From Mr. Fluffy Butt, company spokes cat: HepCatz Designs’ can openers creates funny, irreverent cats and puts them on prints, cards, t-shirts, ornaments and other tchotchkes, such as Dr. Fluffy Butt’s Catnip-Marinated Mousies.


Ginger Danz Art

Fayetteville, West Virginia
Price Range: $7 – $2000

“The biomorphic abstract shapes in my recent work are inspired by the female form, including the intricate beauty of the reproductive system. I incorporate collage and graphite to build texture, giving each piece a rich history. I then use fluid acrylic paints because of their transparency and blendability, and I prefer saturated modern colors. To me, the color of joy is teal blue! I compliment my beloved teal with soft, warm colors like peachy pink and sunny yellow.”

Recently she has been busy making original paintings, collages, hand-colored prints and reproductions of original paintings: prints, cards and magnets. 

Antique Pet Photos

Huntington, West Virginia
Price Range: Prints $3+, Custom Orders $30+

“Horrifyingly cute anthropomorphic animals dressed in Victorian clothing”

Jennifer Cremeans combines real antique photographs with photographs of pets and wild animals to create cute and sometimes creepy artwork guaranteed to spark a conversation and reaction! 

JP Owens Art

Scott Depot, WV
Price Range: $5-$400

JP Owens creates mixed media works and sculptures. He also creates unique designs for  merchandise and has done large scales murals in Charleston, WV.

West Virginia Watercolor Wildlife

West Virginia
Price Range: $2.50-$10, larger-than-standard print costs will be determined upon request.

Kylie Joins is a biologist and a new birder, so her interest in and love for the natural world drives her art. Kylie’s typical media is pen and watercolor, and her work depicts wildlife, usually birds and fish, with a focus on native West Virginian species. 

Melissa Doty

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $22 – $550

Melissa Doty is a self-taught artist who works mostly with watercolor and acryla gouache.  Currently she is working on bold, “graphicky” florals and geometric patterns, with the occasional West Virginia landscape.

The Doodlin' Roo by Lisa Harrison

Putnam County, West Virginia
Price Range: $25-$180

Lisa Harrison grew up coloring and sketching, starting with a #2 pencil. As years have passed she has matured as an artist and has gone from black & white pencil portraits to different paints and pastels.

She currently works in pencil, pastels and acrylics and offers original works and prints. 

Strange Creek Design Co.

Strange Creek, West Virginia
Price Range: $7 – $350

Furiosa is a professional artist living and working in Strange Creek, West Virginia. She creates illustrations, paintings, block prints, and woodcuts inspired by nature and wildlife.

In addition to creating art and managing Strange Creek Design Co, she studies wildlife management and hopes to someday work as a wildlife rehabilitator.

Thomas Ruggiero Designs

Lewisburg, West Virginia

Thomas Ruggiero is Fashion Designer and Artist… and a Mid Century Modern enthusiast.


Glass Work

Mountain Art Glass

Fayetteville, West Virginia
Price Range:

Stephanie G. Danz creates original designs customized to meet  client’s needs. Her inspiration comes easy, surrounded by the beauty of the New River Gorge National River.

Traditional designs as well as nature are reflected in her finished pieces. These include custom panels, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, gift items and more. She also offers classes, and welcomes wholesale inquiries.

Creative Hands Art Glass

Mercer County, West Virginia
Price Range:

Nancy O’Farrel started out as a potter and has transitioned into glass work over the years.  

Currently, she works with fused glass, especially dichroic glass. She is fascinated by dichroic glass — “the colors are captivating and alluring, and the glass appears to sparkle and dance as the glass transmits and reflect wavelengths of color.”

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please email  [email protected] 


Chrizart Creations

Buckhannon, West Virginia
Price Range: $12-$1000

Christine Keller creates unique, handcrafted jewelry using silver,  copper, brass, enamel and aluminum. “Made in the Appalachian Mountains in the time honored way.”

Her line of jewelry includes earrings, rings, and bracelets. Pieces may also include semi-precious stones, crystals, Czech glass, beads, repurposed materials, and other accouterments either wrapped or hand wrought of silver, brass, copper, etc.

Anna's China Jewelry

West Virginia
Price Range: $18-$500

Anna creates jewelry from broken china, as well as custom work from family china.  Her work is made up of mixed metal, gemstones, and found object jewelry, and she also creates 3 dimensional gallery art pieces

Open studio by appointment
[email protected]
Phone: 304-415-5851


Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$50

“Born and raised in WV, I have always had a love for nature and it’s beauty. From a young age I discovered art, but didn’t always have supplies. I learned to be resourceful and used things around me to create – often times using nature as inspiration, or even a medium. lace&sediment – made by man and earth to cultivate lovely reminders of the beauty around us.”– Artist Jackie Poole

Making Cent$

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $5-$90

Matt Meadows handcrafts affordable, everyday-wear jewelry made from coins, tokens, mine scrip, and just about anything else of “value” he can get his hands on.

MoondanceArt Jewelry

West Virginia
Price Range: $25-$100

Jewelry that is designed and made by hand in the home studio of Marjory Moses in the mountains of West Virginia.

MoondanceArt jewelry is fabricated using traditional metal-smithing techniques and tools. Hand-sawed, hammered, formed and soldered, each piece of jewelry is conceived as a little work of art that can be worn every day.

Mystical Crystal Jewelry

West Virginia
Price Range: $25-$1000

Unique handcrafted silver and gold jewelry using a variety of colorful gemstones, minerals, fossils + carvings by Robert Riffe

All pieces are hand fabricated in fine and sterling silver with bezel set stones. The layering of metals and unique stampings, quality stone choices + combinations + embellishments of gold + detailed work on the back sides of pieces are hallmarks of my jewelry.

Ree Creation Boutique

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$300

Ree Creation Boutique is a mobile sustainable collective that designs artisan fashion and home décor accessories, and is owned by Sharee Fleming. Her mission is to protect the environment by manufacturing goods that are earth friendly and provide forgotten materials a new up-cycled life. 

Shibui Wire & Gem Works

Charleston, WV
Price Range: $8-$200

Damienne Dibble makes variety of unique jewelry,  hanging ornaments, wire bonsai landscapes, and digital art prints at her home studio. With over 50 years of experience in graphic design, studio pottery, mixed media sculpture, and artisan jewelry, she offers a wide range of products that can be worn or hung in your home. 

“The name Shibui describes a Japanese aesthetic I strive for. It is like the art equivalent of umami.”

Bear Branches

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $15-$50

A WV family company handcrafting jewelry & small accessories from deer antler, copper, semi-precious gemstones & other natural materials.

The Artisan's Menagerie

Morgantown, West Virginia
Price Range: $15-$265

Artist Matt Benson uses a wide variety of techniques to create elegant jewelry pieces in silver, gold, and glass enamels.  

The Pretty Pickle

West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$100

Nature made wearable. Real items from nature (pressed flowers, botanicals, moss, wings, etc.) encased in resin and made into wearable jewelry pieces and wall hangings made by Megan Brown.

Teresa Gail Designs

Charleston, West Virginia

Artist Teresa Young–  “I begin by working with materials rather than sketching a preconceived idea.  I create each piece through a combination of forging and hand-fabricating. I manipulate different materials using precise technique to craft bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants”


Morgan Rhea

South Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $20-$595

Morgan Rhea is a family owned and operated Luxury Leather Goods Business located in South Charleston, WV. All of their leather accessories are designed and handmade by husband and wife team, Morgan and Michael. Each accessory is artistically designed for everyday wear with expiration free quality, style and meaning to guarantee that it can be loved and enjoyed for generations to come.


Life's Forge

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$10,000

Bennett Life is a self taught blacksmith. He forges items like kitchen knives, fireplace tools, furniture, hunting knives, decorative items, hardware, signs and much more. Each item is forged on an anvil, and heated in a coal or gas forge. 

Mountain Artworks

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$10,000

“Mountain Artworks Studio was founded in 1996, when I returned to my West Virginia home after living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 6 years. My fascination with the Anasazi pictographs and petroglyths of the American Southwest is evident in all of my creative works: from small, copper wall hangings to monumental sculptures made of various metals. The linear elements of those ancient designs as well as my love of the organic world are two major themes in all of my art. I conceptualize in dreams, engineer on paper, and produce in the welding shop.”

His work can be found at Black Locust Woodshop in Charleston, WV.


Sculptured Stories

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $50-$250

Bob Fisher creates mixed media sculptures of welded steel composed of recycled articles from flea markets and restore businesses. Each piece has a story and each has a heart.


Kevin Jack Photography

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $25+

Kevin Jack is a life long Charleston, West Virginia resident. He picked up a camera a little over two years ago, and jumped into the world of photography.

His images capture the beauty of the hills of West Virginia and the life in the city.

Randall Sanger Photography

West Virginia
Price Range: $30-$250

Randall Sanger is a landscape photographer, workshop instructor and author with a focus on showcasing the natural beauty of West Virginia.

Reflection in a Pool

South Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $4-$600

Jesse Thornton makes photographic fine art prints of West Virginia landscapes and scenery that emphasizes the moody and surreal, with a particular focus on night photography. 




West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$80

Tonya Browning is a self taught small batch potter specializing in unique and colorful designs for every day use.

“My pottery is meant to provoke feelings of joy and laughter and hopefully something you won’t find anywhere else :)”

Regina G. Swim

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$400

 Regina Swim creates functional and decorative art pottery which includes hand built and wheel thrown pieces.

Finished works sometimes include driftwood, wire, beads, or lamp fixtures. Her Firing techniques include cone 6 oxidation, raku and obvara. 

Siren of Jupiter Pottery

West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$100

Artist Kyrstin Riggs Harrell makes functional pottery that draws inspiration from her home in West Virginia, the ocean and space.

“I try to make work that’s pretty close to one of a kind and tiny works of art.”

Wingard Pottery

Fayettville, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$75

Julie Wingard makes handmade  functional stoneware pottery with various decorating techniques such as sgraffito, and screen-printing and decal work.

Wild & Wonky Ceramics

Fayettville, West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$75

Kaitlin Dingus is a ceramicist based in Charleston, WV. You can shop her wares at Black Locust Woodshop and the Beckley Arts Center.


Eddie Spaghetti Art

 Price Range: $25-$200

Eddie “Spaghetti” Maier is a woodcut printmaking artists. He offers both framed and unframed prints.

“I work with woodcut printmaking. Woodcut printmaking consists of carving a slab of wood, inking the surface then printing onto handmade paper. My intention is find a deeper connection with the world we live.” 

JustAJar Design Press

Marietta, Ohio
Price Range: $4-$100

justAjar Design + Press is the mighty tandem-team of Sara Alway & Bobby Rosenstock. They create handcrafted woodcut and letterpress art including gig posters, art prints, stationery, t-shirts and more.

Base Camp Printing Co.

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $4-$125

Base Camp Printing Company is a letterpress shop, design studio, and retail store offering modern design through old printing techniques.

Owned by sisters Emily & Betsy Sokolosky. Born and raised in Charleston, WV, they’ve been running the business together on the city’s West Side since 2017.

Questionable Press

Price Range: $5-$35

Questionable Press is artist and printer Sarah Brown… and a few tons of vintage printing equipment. Sarah hand carves images, pairs them with vintage hand-set type, and letterpress prints them. With this process she makes sculptural kits, cards, and limited edition prints.


Sassy Gals Gourmet Treats

West Virginia
Price Range: $5-$10

Ginger Harmon makes handmade treats which are packaged by hand. She uses West Virginia moonshine and bourbon to make her Blackberry and Apple Pie roasted pecans.  She also makes dip mixes and slush mixes are handmade in at a time. 

The Leavitt Farm

West Virginia
Price Range: $4-$8

Shari Leavitt makes a variety  of pickles, relishes, jellies, butters, moonshine BBQ sauce and moonshine salsas.


Spencer Cole

Winfield, West Virginia

“At Spencer Cole We work smarter…we offer quality items that are made from natural fibers! We handmade every item, and we are proud of our products and trust that you will be proud to own them too.”
Jessica Williams designs items that are multi functional and some that are just for fun. She is committed to handmade products. Fabric designs are chosen from a variety of designers which makes certain looks limited.

Julie Fine Designs

Lewisburg, West Virginia
Price Range: $30-$175

A sewing/design company located in White Sulphur Springs, offering custom made clothing and accessories made by Julie Fine. If you are looking for a unique item or have an idea for wearable art, consider having it custom made to your exact wishes!


Black Locust Woodshop

Charleston, West Virginia
Price Range: $2-$1000

Black Locust Woodshop is a custom woodworking shop in downtown Charleston, WV, featuring the work of Casi Pourfarhadi and Daniel Riffle. They make custom furniture, wood gifts, WV themed items, kitchen and practically anything from wood (and sometimes metal)!

Their brick & mortar shop also features local artists.

Cartwright's Creations

Grafton, West Virginia
Price Range: $3-$100

“I have collected historic and/or sentimental woods from around our state and currently have over 400 different sources of wood representing 50 of the 55 WV counties.  Examples might be from buildings at WVU and other colleges and universities, covered bridges around the state, old school buildings, or trees of significance. 

Most of my creations are pens but I also make letter openers, seam rippers, bottle openers, wine stoppers and other turned items using these woods.  I also enjoy using wood that would be important to the customer such as a piece of Grandpa’s barn.”

Heirloom Footstools

Buckhannon, West Virginia
Price Range:$245 – $285  

Heirloom Footstools are designed to provide comfort and style to your home.  

Each footstool is made from WV hardwoods – Black Walnut, Cherry or White Oak – and topped with an attractive and durable upholstered top. Delivery possible if located within reasonable distance of Heirloom Footstool shop in Buckhannon WV.

“With a footstool nearby, you’ll find yourself putting your feet up and settling in to read a good book, catch up on your favorite media or close your eyes and take a nap. Who knew that an Heirloom Footstool could become your path to relaxation? Enjoy.”

Pattern of Integrity

West Virginia
Price Range: $10-$300

Amber Smith custom designs handcrafted wooden wall art ranging in various sizes and colors.

Products include West Virginia state cutouts, quilt pattern squares, starburst rounds, arrows, Mountain art, geometrical designs and more.

Z&Z Woodcrafters

West Virginia
Price Range: $15-$1000

 Artist Stephen Talkington creates wooden items made from local lumber using traditional techniques. Handmade goods include cutting boards, serving trays, butcher blocks, clocks, jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, and furniture. 

The Carpenter Shop

Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Price Range: $5-$50

The Carpenter Shop is a Charleston based Family owned business specializing in wooden decor, leather Goods, wooden toys, and more.